Choosing the Right Coating for Factory Flooring

Factory flooring needs to stand up to a lot of abuse from chemicals, heat and heavy machinery. This is why choosing the right floor coating is essential in any industrial setting. The right floor can transform a factory into a productive environment that is visually appealing to visitors, and will keep workers safe from slips and falls on rough surfaces.

Industrial floors are constantly put through a rigorous testing process. They are exposed to a lot of harsh chemical spills, heat and heavy machinery on a daily basis. Standard concrete will quickly crack under this pressure and cannot withstand the high level of wear that a factory environment creates.

The most popular type of flooring in commercial spaces like factories is epoxy flooring and polished concrete. These two choices are both highly durable and long lasting but they differ in their durability, costs and aesthetics.

Epoxy is a more economical choice for industrial flooring as it requires less maintenance than other options. However, it lacks the thermal shock stability and chemical resistance of urethane cement. If you’re unsure which option is best for your manufacturing space, we recommend asking us to send over an expert consultant who can walk you through the different options and help make the right choice for your factory.

Polished concrete is a modern and stylish choice for industrial spaces. This flooring has become a style statement in restaurants, art galleries and offices but it is also incredibly durable and offers excellent slip resistance. We recommend choosing this type of flooring if you want a visually appealing and smart looking industrial floor that will last for years.

It will require daily mopping with a neutral cleaner and semi annual floor polishing to keep it in top condition. If you’re concerned about the cost of maintaining a polished concrete floor, we recommend adding a densifier to your flooring solution. This will increase your concrete’s natural durability and make it easier to maintain.

Another alternative for a industrial floor is rubber matting. This is a very comfortable and adaptable flooring option that is easy to clean and offers good thermal shock stability, fire resistance, and chemical resistance. It will need to be sanitized on a regular basis with a high-pressure steam machine or by using PH-neutral detergents.

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