Emergency Roofer in East London

Keeping your home warm, dry and protected is of vital importance and when your roof suffers from serious damage or leakage this can have knock on effects. A roofing emergency is any type of damage that can expose your home to the elements, for example;

A storm has blown away a section of your roof leaving a gap that needs immediate repair. An object has fallen into your roof leaving a large hole. An emergency is also any situation where water is entering your home through the roof, for example;

When you need an emergency roofer emergency roofer in East London  in East London, there are some things that you can do to help prevent further damage. Firstly, you should cover up the damaged area with a tarp to prevent rainwater entering your property. You may also be able to temporarily fix the leak with caulking. Ideally you should call in professional roofers to make a more permanent repair but this isn’t always possible.

If you have any roofing issues that need urgent attention, get in touch with our team of expert roofers today! We offer a wide range of roofing services for both commercial and domestic properties. We have the experience, expertise and best working tools to ensure your roof is fixed as soon as possible.

Our high-level roofing experts have 35 years of experience in residential & industrial roofing services across London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and Hertfordshire. Our unique cherry picker fleet allows us to access and repair roofs up to 35 meters high.

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