How to Find a Septic Tank Specialist Near Me

When a septic system needs servicing, it is a job best left to professionals. It is a highly technical project that requires a lot of specialized knowledge to work safely and efficiently. Even a small mistake could cause sewage to leak out of your home and into the surrounding soil environment, which poses a serious health and safety risk. Hiring a professional to install, inspect, and pump your septic tank will save you money in the long run and ensure that your septic system is operating properly for years to come.

A septic tank is a plastic, concrete, or fiberglass tank that holds your household’s sewage waste. It is connected to your house’s sewage pipes and is usually located underground. There are different types of septic systems, but they all operate in similar ways. Waste from your toilets, sinks, and showers flows through the house’s piping into the septic tank, where it separates into three layers: a scum layer at the top, liquid waste in the middle, and solid waste at the bottom. Aerobic or anaerobic bacteria break down the solid waste and liquid waste. Liquid waste then flows into a drain field or leach field, where it filters back into the ground.

The most common septic tank serviceĀ septic tank specialist near me is to have the tank pumped. The septic tank specialist will use a truck equipped with a pump and haul the sewage to a local sewage treatment plant for disposal. You should hire a professional to do this regularly, every two to five years, depending on the size of your household and septic tank. The septic tank specialist will also perform a septic tank inspection at this time. During the inspection, the septic tank expert will look for cracks or leaks in the tank and inspect the baffles for damage. You should keep this service report for your records.

Another type of septic tank service is repairing or replacing the distribution box. This is a crucial part of the septic system that connects the tank to the drain field or leach field. It is usually made of plastic or concrete and can cost between $50 and $100. You may need to replace the whole box or just the lid if it is cracked, missing, or damaged.

A septic tank specialist can also repair or replace your drain field or leach fields. This is usually done when the soil environment cannot support your septic tank and/or system. This can be due to the soil’s permeability or the presence of large rocks or trees. This is a costly project that is usually done by a licensed contractor.

If your septic tank needs repair or replacement, you should get multiple bids from reputable septic tank specialists to compare prices and available equipment. You can ask for references and a warranty to protect yourself from poor workmanship or materials. You should also consider hiring a professional to test the soil before installing a new septic tank, which costs between $3,138 and $8,518, on average.

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