manufacturers of metal, Teflon, and fabric flexible hoses, expansion joints

Expansion Joints are a type of mechanical connector that is used for expanding or contracting pipes. Typically, they are made of carbon steel. However, they can also be made from stainless steel, duplex steel, or zinc-plated carbon steel. They are available in standard and custom dimensions. They can be reinforced with solid steel or wire strings to increase their strength. Advanced analysis software is available to help engineers design and build Expansion Joints. These software programs will provide a complete pipe stress analysis.


The Metraflex rubber expansion joint can be found on Thomasnet. This website also has a library of all Metraflex products. You can download the library and learn more about the Metraflex rubber expansion joint.


The manufacturers of metal, Teflon, and fabric flexible hoses, expansion joints, and HVAC hoses are also available. The companies also offer onsite inspection and service. Some manufacturers also offer replacement parts, including Western Enterprises parts.

711 Plus

The 711 Plus rubber expansion joint is a unique design that addresses common issues associated with non-metallic pipe. Its spool-like design lacks the traditional metal reinforcing, and its arch is wider than a conventional joint’s arch, which allows for greater movement. ThisĀ type of joint can also be purchased with a filled arch, which reduces movement by about 50%. In addition, it mates with 125/150 flanges.

Unisource ED

The Unisource ED rubber expansion joint is a versatile product with a number of advantages. The product is manufactured from high-quality EPDM rubber and reinforced with nylon tire cords. It also comes with special elastomers for different applications. The EPDM material is a superior choice over Neoprene due to its superior physical properties and high temperature resistance. In addition, its galvanized steel floating flanges engage the rubber beaded end of the expansion joint, allowing for ease of installation. The Unisource 303 is especially useful in applications where small diameter piping must be isolated from vibration caused by mechanical equipment.

Style HA

Style HA rubber expansion joints are made of high-quality EPDM rubber with reinforced nylon tire cord. Special elastomers are also available. EPDM is more durable than Neoprene and has better physical and temperature properties. The rubber beaded end of this expansion joint is engaged with galvanized steel floating flanges for speedy installation. This style of expansion joint is ideal for isolating small diameter piping from vibration from mechanical equipment.

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