Six Must-Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

Owning a Tesla Model Y is an extraordinary experience that blends cutting-edge technology with sustainability and convenience. Equipping your car with practical accessories can enhance comfort and improve utility and safety. These six must-have Tesla Model Y accessories are a wise investment that you will appreciate for years to come.

A Premium All-Weather Floor Mat Set – 2024 Model Y

If you want to protect the interior of your new Tesla Tesla Modell Y eksteriør Model Y from dirt, spills and snow, then a premium all-weather floor mat set is a necessity. These tough, durable floor mats are designed to fit your specific vehicle and are engineered from a strong material that can resist water and other contaminants.

Unlike the original carpet floor mats that come with your car, these rubber all-weather floor mats are easy to clean. Using a damp cloth, you can quickly wipe them clean of any dirt or debris. They also prevent abrasions and fading that can occur with the original, more expensive, carpet floor mats.

The original floor mats for the passenger compartment are fine, but the cargo area can easily become dirty from spills and trash. Purchasing a cargo mat is an inexpensive and simple way to keep the back of your Tesla Model Y cleaner. Many new Tesla owners purchase a cargo mat in addition to the all-weather floor mats for added protection and durability.

If your Model Y is frequently driven in rain, snow or on unpaved roads, then mud flaps can be a good investment. These simple, yet effective aftermarket accessories help to prevent your tires from tracking tiny stone chips all over the body of your new vehicle. Many new Tesla owners that live in regions with a lot of sand, gravel or snow choose to install mud flaps to help protect the exterior and interior of their new cars.

Keeping the Interior of Your Tesla Model Y Organized

Many new Tesla Model Y owners have trouble organizing the interior of their car. The center console can get messy, especially with frequently used items like sunglasses, glasses case, hand sanitizers, portable power banks, FastTrack and gum/mints. A center console organizer can keep everything organized and within reach, making it easier to use and find.

This molded plastic organizer fits perfectly into the front trunk of your Tesla and has individual sections for keeping items separated and upright. It is simple to install and remove in seconds with a patent-pending quick-latch mechanism.

A quality tempered glass, anti-glare screen protector is an essential Tesla Model Y accessory that can help to keep the display clear and protected from scratches, fingerprints and other damage. The protective film is engineered from a high-quality material that has an 9H hardness rating.

Many police departments are switching to electric vehicles for their patrol fleets and the Model Y is an ideal choice for a law enforcement vehicle. Its compact size makes it more maneuverable and the battery pack can be easily repositioned for a customized layout. This specialized Tesla license plate mount allows you to attach and remove the plate in seconds, using the same quick-latch mechanism.

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