The Wastop backflow valve is an innovative backflow

The Wastop backflow valve is an innovative backflow prevention device with patented construction. It provides flood and odour protection and also prevents small animals, insects and sediment from infiltrating the pipeline. In addition, it prevents gases and flotsam from entering the sewer. This valve will protect your home from flooding.

Valves prevent flooding

The WaStop backflow valve is a simple, effective way to prevent flooding and the odours associated with sewage. They are easy to install and are suitable for a wide range of water supply applications. They can be installed in any existing pipe. They are suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting and can be installed at both the inlet and outlet. The valves can also be installed in soakaways and septic tanks.

The Wastop valve has a patented design that helps prevent backflow in drains. It also protects against odours, insects and small animals that can clog sewer pipes. The patented construction of the valve also keeps out gases and flotsam.

Prevents odour

The innovative Wastop backflow valve, which is available in a range of sizes, helps prevent flooding and odour from sewage in your house. Its patented construction prevents infiltration of water by small animals and insects as well as preventing backflow of gases. Its simple installation means no human intervention is required.

The WaStop backflow valve is comprised of two main components: an elastomer sleeve and a pipe. The pipe can be stainless steel or plastic, and the sleeve is made of a special elastomer blend with exceptional chemical and shape retention. When a water or wastewater flow is blocked, the valve’s sleeve opens automatically. TheĀ you can try these out pipe then seals immediately, preventing backflow.

Prevents infiltration by insects

The Wastop backflow valve is a unique, patented device that prevents backflow in drains. It protects your home against flooding, odours, and insects from getting into your plumbing pipeline. It also protects against gases and flotsam from getting into your pipes.

The Wastop backflow valve consists of a stainless steel or plastic pipe and an elastomer sleeve. The sleeve is made of a specially formulated blend of elastomers and is very resistant to chemical and mechanical stresses. It can withstand pressures of several meters in the opposite direction. The valve seals tightly even when it is not in use.

Offers flexibility

The Wastop backflow valve is a flexible and durable device that seals against backflow without sacrificing safety. This valve provides the lowest head loss in the industry and is compatible with pvc and stainless steel pipes. It uses a specially formulated elastomer that maintains its shape even when exposed to backflow pressure. In addition, the memory membrane is highly durable and provides excellent chemical resistance.

The flexible membrane in the WaStop backflow valve is unique among backflow prevention devices. The valve opens when forward flow flows under it and closes when reverse flow fills the membrane. This valve is available in a variety of sizes, from three inches to 72 inches. It is compatible with the J&S HedFlex check valve. Both products are available in the North American market.

Requires annual checks

There are a variety of advantages to installing a Wastop backflow valve. These benefits include the low total cost of ownership, quick installation, and low maintenance. In addition, WaStop backflow valves have a long lifetime and are extremely easy to install.

These backflow valves are used to protect water systems from contamination. Backflow occurs when water flows backwards through pipes, causing contamination and damage. Installing Wastop is easy, and the product can be installed at the inlet, outlet, or chamber. Once installed, it is important to perform annual checks to ensure proper function.

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