Working alone tracking can be beneficial for organizations

Working alone tracking can be beneficial for organizations in several ways. It helps prevent human error, which is often caused by stress, workload, or simple absent-mindedness. Additionally, it prevents costly injuries and fatalities. When implemented correctly, working alone tracking can save organizations time and money. Let’s take a closer look at the key components of a work alone tracking solution. Read on to learn how this technology can improve your organization’s safety practices.

SafetyLine Lone Worker

SafetyLine Lone Worker tracking is an automated safety monitoring solution for lone workers that helps companies meet lone worker regulations and maximize safety and productivity. This cloud-based solution uses satellite, cellular, and web technologies to track workers’ location and communicate with them. SafetyLine’s features include status updates, custom check-ins, and emergency buttons. It also allows workers to share their progress and location with their colleagues and can trigger an SOS alert to a 24 hour emergency coordination center.

SafetyLine Lone Worker is a cloud-based safety monitoring solution that streamlines employee check-ins, emergency alerts, and location tracking. The system also allows workers to send text messages and send emails to supervisors, and lets supervisors manage an employee database. SafetyLine Lone Worker is an ideal safety management solution for companies of all sizes and in industries across all sectors. SafetyLine Lone Worker tracking software includes a contact tracing module that  working alone tracking enables organizations to track and report on contacts, as well as prevent the spread of contagious diseases.


SHEQSY is a cloud-based lone worker health and safety platform that enables organizations to see employee activity in real-time and generate alerts for overstays, missed check-ins, and situations of duress. Hays Bailey talks about how the system works and the importance of keeping your employees safe while working alone.

SHEQSY is an easy-to-use cloud platform that provides a user interface for business managers and an iOS or Android app for workers in the field. It was a natural evolution of in-vehicle tracking services, which track millions of vehicles around the world. But these systems lack the functionality necessary to keep track of lone workers who are out in the field.

Traditional systems

Many organizations implement safety monitoring systems for employees working alone. But the vast majority of such systems are ineffective and waste resources. In this article, we’ll compare traditional systems to automated ones and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. We’ll also discuss how automated systems can save you money by eliminating the need for constant employee monitoring.

Automated work-alone systems have several lifesaving features, including fall detection and panic buttons. They can also help protect workers from electrocution, falls, and violent assaults.

Cloud-based solutions

Traditional working alone tracking methods have proven to be ineffective. They include physical check-ins, phone calls to a call center, or manual recording. These methods can be time-consuming and are often ineffective in addressing the needs of workers who are isolated from the work environment. Further, the systems are often difficult to manage and may result in a worker being discovered by accident.

Cloud-based solutions for working alone tracking offer a variety of benefits. These solutions are highly effective for businesses with mobile workers and may also allow for monitoring employees from a distance. Most of these solutions can work with a wide range of mobile devices and provide a 24-hour emergency monitoring service. In addition, cloud-based management dashboards automate safety processes and monitoring lone workers in real-time, and they help increase employee productivity.

Employee adoption

Employee adoption is a legal process that requires time and money. Adoption agencies should be licensed and provide legal assistance. Using unlicensed agencies can put the adoptive parents at risk. When possible, work with an employee adoption agency that is affiliated with a well-known law firm. This will help protect employees and avoid potential complications.

Employee adoption assistance is one of the most beneficial benefits offered by employers. The benefit typically includes financial assistance, referral services, and other support. According to a study, 17% of employers offered adoption assistance in 2020 and 17% of employers offer adoption assistance in 2019. This type of benefit boosts the company’s culture and increases employee goodwill. Moreover, many employers offer financial assistance to those adopting from foster care, which can cost $5,000 or more.

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