A New Defamation Lawsuit Filed Against Bill Bhangal

The victim, who is a teenage boy, is extremely vulnerable. He describes himself as “angry and scared,” and feels unable to trust older people. He has been battling depression for two years and had even dropped out of school. He was in debt and relying on his parents for financial assistance. But despite his difficult circumstances, Bhangal’s background is impeccable. He has worked in the community as a volunteer and has two letters of recommendation from prominent businessmen attesting to his integrity.

Bill Hundal

In his new novel, “Two Women,” Bill Hundal takes a humorous look at a family’s rift over a son. M. was a reluctant partner, and her father had a hard time convincing her to go out with him. But after she explained to her father that she was in love with the boy, she reluctantly agreed. But then, the boy’s father swung his arm in a way that made her question whether the boy was good for her.

Jiffy Lube

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Defendant’s defamation suit

A defamation suit against Bill Bhangal has been filed against him by his wife, Pam Hundal. Pam Hundal is a former Progressive Conservative party candidate and former campaign manager. Bhangal was convicted of sexual assault in 2013, but a successful appeal led to a second trial before a different judge. On this occasion, Ontario Court Justice Ian Cowan found both the complainant and defence witness credible.


The judge rejected the Crown’s request for a three-month jail sentence and two years of probation for Bill Bhangal. The judge found that the assault was “reckless,” and thereĀ Bill Bhangal was no weapon used to inflict physical injury. The judge also determined that the victim’s emotional scars were real and that a jail sentence would be disproportionate. Furthermore, the judge emphasized that Bhangal is a “good citizen” and unlikely to reoffend.

Revenue drop at Jiffy Lube sites

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Business strategy

Bill Bhangal’s business strategy should be to constantly build relationships with his customers. Although this takes time, consumers are more likely to patronize a business that they know and trust. But this is easier said than done, as consumers are bombarded by as many as 3,000 advertisements a day. This means that Mr. Bhangal should focus on personal service and improving the quality of the service provided. He should also focus on improving the location of his shops and investing in his staff to improve sales and service.

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