Disposable Email Detection Service

The disposable email detection service is a tool that helps businesses and marketers prevent free riders, bad actors, and cybercriminals from signing up with fake or temporary email addresses. Disposable email domains, or DEAs, are an increasing problem for both consumers and companies.

Detecting disposable email domains is an essential task for businesses that want to avoid spam. Not only can disposable email addresses cause issues for your brand’s email reputation, but they also skew your analytics and damage your bottom line.

A disposable email address is an address a user creates for a one-time use that they discard once it’s no longer required. They can be throwaway accounts or forwarding accounts, but both are temporary and not meant to be used as regular, legitimate email addresses.

Most of these addresses are created for one-time purposes such as registering on a site that requires a valid email, accessing free content, or obtaining a product for a limited time. Some users may even create a disposable account for freemium services or to bypass areas that require a registered account.

These types of emails often get sent to spam lists, resulting in high amounts of unwanted messages that can be difficult to manage. If you’re a business owner, these kinds of emails can be a waste of time and money.

There are many ways to identify and block disposable email domains. Some are manual and some are automated. The latter is usually more suitable for larger, complex organizations.

The best way to identify disposable email domains is to look for an application programming interface (API) or a web-based email verification tool. These tools can be integrated into websites and applications so they can automatically check the email address for validity when users register or request a service.

You can also manually look up disposable email domains using online databases or a search engine. This process will take some time and resources, but it’s a good way to verify the legitimacy of a disposable domain.

Moreover, a disposable email detection service that’s constantly updated will be more likely to be able to recognize new and unknown DEAs as they emerge. The more data it has, the better able it will be to stay on top of this growing problem.

We can help you do that with our DOTS Email Address Validation Service, which monitors millions of disposable domains and leverages multiple sets of data to keep an eye out for suspicious domains and address information. It’s not designed to be perfect, but it’s capable of identifying disposable email domains in real-time as they pop up.

How it works: The disposable email domains database keeps a list of all disposable email domains, both old and new. Our validater then checks the domains against this list and blacklists suspicious ones.

Some of the domains on the list are copycats for popular brands. They may be created in the hope that users will mistype these brands’ official domains and enter them into a phishing or scam website.

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