Fun Team Building Activities For Kayaks

If you are looking for team building activities, kayaking is an ideal choice. You can rent multi-person kayaks and have a great time kayaking through a body of water. You can also choose from an assortment of games that can test your creativity and decision-making skills. Here are some examples. These team-building games will help you develop your work relationships with co-workers.

Show and tell

Show and tell team building activities are an excellent way to promote collaboration within a team. They can be done in small groups or large groups. The activity promotes creative thinking and helps team members to think outside the box. Team members can also discuss different generations’ differences and learn about each other’s background.

Show and tell is a free activity that lets team members talk about themselves. They can share something personal or a professional achievement. For example, they can tell the group about their favorite hobby or how they manage a remote marketing team. This type of activity is also great for sharing knowledge and tips.

Egg drop

Egg drop team building activities are a good way to enhance teamwork. It requires teams to work together to build a structure to protect a raw egg. This activity is messy and requires a large group of people. Eggs, plastic straws, masking tape, and other materials are needed for this activity. Egg drop team building activities should be played with team building activities toronto people 14 years old and up.

Egg drop team building activities involve teams constructing structures using different materials and building them up. This activity is great for improving leadership, creative thinking, and teamwork. Participants must be able to work in a team environment and make meaningful contributions.

Creating a fictional problem to be solved

Creating a fictional problem to be solved is an effective team building activity for employees. This type of activity allows teams to identify mistakes before they happen and prepare for them. It also helps to create a sense of common purpose. In addition, it helps teams understand each other’s viewpoints.


The Weslandia exercise, based on the book by Paul Fleischman, is a great way to engage your team in creative problem-solving. The exercise teaches the principles of maker-ism and a team’s ability to work with limited options. It’s a great way to build a cohesive team while encouraging collaboration.

The exercise helps team members see their differences and similarities in the workplace. It also allows them to get to know each other better. For this exercise, each team member brings something from their desk to share. The group must then use the items they’ve been given to design a new product. They will then need to come up with a name, slogan, and marketing plan. This exercise can be done individually or in small groups.

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