How much does a VR gaming room cost?

If you’re in the mood to be transported out of your own reality, check out the VR Arcade in Toronto. These immersive video game centers offer a variety of experiences for people of all ages and skill levels. From defending a castle to intergalactic expeditions, these arcades have something for everyone.

Unlike home VR systems, which are more expensive to purchase and set up, the VR arcades provide all of the equipment you need for your experience. They also have expert staff who can help you navigate the technology if you’re new to it. These arcades are perfect for group outings and family fun.

VR arcades are popping up all over the city, from standalone locations to those tucked in with movie theaters. But the latest addition is the most high-profile, bringing virtual reality to an IMAX theater. The Justice League experience launched today at a Toronto IMAX theater, with the company hoping to lure viewers who might not otherwise venture into the technology, and snag them while they’re already in the mood for a movie.

The IMAX VR arcades are designed to be modular, with walls that can come down to create larger spaces for free-flowing games and installations. The 10 pods — which look like vaguely futuristic cubicles, with low walls that make it easy to spot the flailing humans inside — are able to be expanded, and the theater is planning to eventually add additional experiences.

While the Justice League launch is a good start, it’s still unclear what kind of VR experience will work best in the theater setting. So far, most users are just coming to watch friends or family members go through the motions, rather than playing themselves. But the team behind the project is working to develop more social experiences, including a Justice League one that lets you play as different characters in various scenarios.

If you’re a little more plugged in, the Rec Room at RINX has more than 80 virtual-reality stations. Guests can compete against their friends in multiplayer games and battle it out in a variety of arenas. The Rec Room also offers laser tag, cyber sport (think hide-and-seek with bumper cars), video games and shuffleboard. Kids can also test their skills at the E-zone, a gaming lounge that features a ping-pong table and virtual golf. Aspiring pilots can fly a Boeing jumbo jet or helicopter over a variety of landscapes in a commercial flight simulator.

Levelup VR, a top-rated VR arcade in Toronto, has 80+ virtual reality games and experiences. From sports and exploration to horror survival and escape room VR games, there are many options for all ages and skill levels. The best part is that it’s affordable and a great group activity. There’s even a scavenger hunt that can take groups of up to eight.

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