Important Things to Know When Hiring a Moving Company

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Before you choose a moving company, it’s important to get an accurate estimate. Reputable companies will do this both in person and through a virtual survey. They should inspect each room of your home and all storage places, including the garage. They should also inventory outdoor items. This will help them determine the amount of space and weight they will need for the move. The estimates they provide are based on these factors, so it’s crucial to get an accurate one.

Hourly rates

Hourly rates for moving companies vary by region and state. Prices depend on the number of movers, the number of items to be moved, and other factors. Local movers typically charge a flat rate, while long-distance movers may charge by weight, distance, or additional charges.

The cost of moving a piano from rural Nebraska to New York City can run up to $100 per hour. The actual cost depends on the type of move, how much labor is needed, and whether the movers are using specialized equipment. Hourly rates are calculated by estimating how moving companies London Ontario much time it will take to move your possessions. However, unforeseen factors can make the actual cost of the move higher than the estimated amount.


Experience is an important factor when hiring a moving company. An experienced moving company is familiar with the intricacies of relocation and is more likely to avoid issues that can happen during the move. Hiring an inexperienced moving company is a major risk. Inexperienced companies do not have the expertise and experience to move your possessions safely and effectively. This can adversely affect your relocation. Experienced moving companies are backed by a long track record of customer satisfaction.

Customer service

When moving, customer service is very important. Moving companies must be able to provide customers with answers to questions and help them move. They should also stand by their promises. Customers are more likely to return to a company if they are able to get their needs met. Good customer service means providing a positive customer experience, and this means having friendly, knowledgeable employees who are ready to help.

Moving customers want answers quickly and with certainty. One of the main reasons that customers cancel their move is because their phone calls or voicemails were unanswered. A moving company should be able to respond to inquiries within a business day. If they take more than a day, they may lose a customer.


In response to increasing consumer complaints and the need for more regulated moving companies, Palm Beach County passed an ordinance requiring the licensing of moving companies. Commissioners directed the County’s Department of Consumer Affairs to develop a licensing proposal for moving companies. The county’s commissioners recognized that existing rules and regulations did not have the teeth to enforce the law, so they wanted to enact stronger regulations.

The licensing requirements for moving companies vary from state to state. For example, moving companies in New York must be registered with the state’s Department of Transportation. In some states, moving companies are not required to be licensed if they are only performing local moves. However, if the move involves interstate travel, the company will need to obtain a state license as well.


If you are starting a moving company, you will need to obtain insurance for your business. The most effective way to get the best coverage at the most affordable price is to work with a reliable insurance broker. These experts have a vast knowledge of the moving business and can provide solid recommendations. They also know how to maximize your business budget by identifying opportunities to bundle or customize different packages.

Insurance for moving companies usually includes property and liability coverage for buildings and equipment used in a moving company’s operations. Additionally, liability coverage pays for any damages or injuries to other people or property. In some states, workers’ compensation insurance is required.

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