The Comfort Factor: Exploring Soft and Inviting Flooring Options

comfort flooring installers can offer a welcome upgrade to hard floors for those who are standing for long periods of time, whether in commercial or residential spaces. It can also be beneficial for those with osteoarthritis, herniated discs or back pain. Soft floor options are also great for anyone who uses a cane or has any type of joint and foot pain, as they tend to be kinder on feet and joints than many hard surface materials.

Resin comfort floors, also known as Liquid Vinyl or Cushioned resin floors, are generally a modified FeRFA Type 5 flow-applied resin system with various layers to achieve high levels of elasticity for comfort underfoot and noise reduction. They are often installed over a rubber underlay to add further sound deadening benefits. They are a very popular choice in schools, hospitals and health facilities, retail and leisure environments, as well as more modern offices.

They are monolithically bonded to the substrate and therefore eliminate the need for welded joints, unlike traditional sheet vinyl systems which require welded seams. This makes them hygienic and durable, even with the use of heavy plant and machinery. In addition, they are easy to maintain with a simple routine of mopping or spraying down the surface.

Comfort floors are available in an unlimited range of UV stable colour finishes allowing designers to create truly individual spaces. vebroflex Comfort UV and vebroflex Comfort UV Plus are available with an optional cork matting which significantly enhances the acoustic properties of the floor. It reduces impact noise transfer by up to 3 dB, and also has the added benefit of further sound absorption through the cork itself.

Cork is one of nature’s most sustainable raw materials and it also offers a host of other benefits, such as being fire retardant, insulating and water resistant. It’s also a natural thermal regulator, helping to keep rooms comfortable in cold or hot conditions. Cork also has a natural ability to absorb and reduce sound, with its honeycomb structure of air pockets. This can be enhanced further by the inclusion of an integrated cork mat which can further reduce impact noise transmission.

vebroflex comfort floors are extremely durable and can be used for many years with regular maintenance. They are a popular option in schools, healthcare and retail areas where longevity and low lifecycle costs are key requirements. As they can be simply overlaid at the end of their life, this is a major advantage over traditional vinyl systems which need to be removed and disposed of.

vebroflex comfort floors can be laid over existing substrates, or an insulated subfloor with a heat pipe installation. This can save on costly removal and installation of existing floor coverings, and the insulated system will also allow for cost effective underfloor heating to be integrated into the design. These systems are also compatible with a wide range of decorative and safety options, including anti-static, anti-slip, antibacterial coatings. They are an ideal solution for use in conjunction with raised access furniture such as mobile desks, stools or chairs.

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