Vehicle Registration for Alberta – Out of Province and Salvage

Whether you’re bringing a vehicle from another province or buying a car that has been written off as salvage, there are some special steps that need to be taken when registering it in Alberta. This article will help make that process as painless and simple as possible for you!

First and foremost, a valid insurance pink slip is required for any vehicle being registered in Alberta. You can bring it in the same way that you would show up to get your own registered, or you can provide a copy of your current policy. The name s on the insurance must match the person coming in to register the vehicle. If that is not possible due to work, school or other obligations, a letter of authorization must be provided in order for someone else to do the registration on your behalf.

The next thing that is needed is an inspection for the vehicle. There are three types of inspections that may need to be done, an out of province, a salvage or an industrial. These inspections are designed to make sure that the vehicle is safe to be driven on the road and that it’s not illegally being used in any way.

It’s also a good idea to check on a Carfax report before deciding to buy a used car. This will give you a clear picture of what the car has been through and whether it is a salvage or rebuilt. A lot of times people will try to “title wash” a vehicle by moving it between different provinces in an attempt to drop the salvage or rebuilt branding on it. A Carfax this website can help you avoid this by showing a history of previous titles and brands on the vehicle.

After passing the out of province or salvage inspection (whichever is applicable), you’re ready to go to your registry office and have the registration completed. If you’re bringing in a vehicle from BC, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, you may qualify for an exemption from the inspection. Be sure to talk to your registry agent about this before you start the process.

Renew your vehicle registration online, in-person at a registry office or through certain authorized service providers. Get a reminder by email, text or phone call prior to your renewal date so you don’t miss it!

Whether you’re a full-time student or working as part of a co-op program, you can use your out of province registration and licence plates for up to 183 days/6 months. After that, you must register your vehicle in Alberta or risk having it seized by the police.

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