Wool Clothes For Your Child

Merino wool is a natural material that can help children regulate their body temperature. It is a soft and comfortable material that does not itch or scratch the skin, making it a perfect choice for children’s clothes.

This type of fabric can also help kids sleep better at night, as it helps them get to sleep without waking up too early. The breathable properties of wool also help wick moisture away from the body to keep them dry and warm.

Wool clothes are great for kids and babies all year round because they can be used for both daywear and nightwear. This way, you can give your child the right conditions for a healthy immune system all year round and protect them against colds and illnesses.

Choosing the best merino wool clothing click here for your little one can be difficult, but there are some brands that make great quality, ethically made products to choose from. These include Nui, Simply Merino, and Chasing Windmills.

Nui – Founded in 2004 by a New Zealand mom, this brand makes organic merino baby blankets and other items. Their products meet the Responsible Wool Standard and OEKO-TEX standards, so you know they are made responsibly from the sheep to your little one’s skin.

They offer a wide range of sizes and styles, from swaddling blankets to sleep sacks. They also have a line of base layers that are perfect for layering.

Simply Merino – This company has an extensive line of base layers that are available in both girls’ and boys’ sizing, from newborn to 12 years old. They have beautiful colors and a quality feel, so they are definitely worth checking out.

These rib knit onesies and thermals have some thoughtful design features to keep them looking good for longer. They are made of 30% mulberry silk and 70% merino wool, which is a mix that gives the clothing extra strength. They have cuffs that can be rolled up or down to accommodate your growing child, and a reinforced knee patch for added durability.

Chasing Windmills – After having twins, husband and wife team Sarah and JP started Chasing Windmills with the goal of creating simple, soft and long-lasting wool clothing for their family that helps them get outside more often. They have a nice selection of long johns and short johns in neutral colors that are easy to pass down to the next generation, so you can keep your clothes out of landfills.

This is especially true for merino wool, which is durable, versatile, and sustainable. It’s a bit of an investment at first (you can expect to pay around $63 for a merino wool base layer/pajama set), but it will be well worth it over time.

Another benefit of merino wool is that it is naturally stain resistant and dirt repellent, so your kid won’t have to worry about stains or messiness. You can machine wash merino wool clothes, but it’s important to use an approved laundry detergent and hang dry the item instead of running it through the dryer to prevent shrinkage.

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