Getting pregnant after a vasectomy reversal

The recovery time from vasectomy reversal varies, but most patients are able to resume normal activities in 24 to 48 hours. They can even return to work within a week. Patients are advised to avoid sexual intercourse for two to four weeks after the procedure. While there is some discomfort following the procedure, pain can be easily managed with Ibuprofen and ice packs on the testicles. Once the pain subsides, there is usually no need for significant pain medication.

Getting pregnant after a vasectomy reversal

If you and your partner are still not able to get pregnant, you may want to consider a vasectomy reversal. While this procedure is not a guarantee for success, it is much less expensive than IVF and ICSI. It also increases the chances of future pregnancies compared to IVF and ICSI. However, before you decide to undergo a reversal, you should consider your partner’s age and fertility.

Reversals are usually performed by urologists in an outpatient setting or a surgical center. In either case, a surgical microscope is used to reconnect the vas deferens ends. The procedure can take several months, though some patients see results in as little as four weeks. The first semen analysis is typically performed a month after the procedure. If the results are negative, further testing may be necessary.

Complications of a vasectomy reversal

The complications of a vasectomy reverse vary depending on the patient’s physical and medical history. Usually, a vasectomy reversal procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure in a surgical center. However, Dr Derek Lok some surgeons are also capable of performing this procedure in the office. In either case, the patient is sedated or under local anesthesia.

The recovery time after a vasectomy reverse surgery is usually one week, but it can take up to two weeks. However, most patients who undergo this procedure do recover without complication. Afterwards, they can resume their normal activities. However, they must wear athletic support for at least a week.

Cost of a vasectomy reversal

The cost of vasectomy reversal surgery varies. Depending on where you live, your physician’s office, and the type of procedure you choose, the cost can be from $5,000 to $15,000 or more. Most health insurance plans will not cover the cost of the procedure. However, you can find affordable options that will fit into your budget.

One way to lower the cost of vasectomy reversal is to use a financing option. This works much like a credit card or traditional loan. Instead of paying off the entire amount right away, you make monthly payments to a third-party lender. The lender will apply a reasonable interest rate, which will make your monthly payments manageable.

Recovery time after a vasectomy reversal

Vasectomy reversal surgery is one of the most complicated male reproductive microsurgeries. The vas deferens tube is even thinner than angel hair pasta, so the surgical area is quite small. After the operation, the incisions will be covered with bandages. You should avoid wetting the area for at least two days.

After the procedure, most men can go back to their normal routine within a week. Typically, you will be advised to rest for a couple of days after the surgery and take pain medications. Some doctors will prescribe NSAIDs to help minimize pain and swelling.

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